Biblical Exegesis is the discipline of interpretation. The intent is to draw out and illuminate the original meaning of the text. The one most likely understood by the original intended audience or recipients.

This course will acquaint students with the basic principles and practices of biblical exegesis, its critical resource tools, and life application for biblical texts.

In order to accomplish the task of sound biblical interpretation, one must carefully consider both the Content and Context of the biblical passage. The Content considers the definitions of words and their grammatical relationships. Context considers the historical/cultural setting of the original audience (Historical Context), the placement of this passage within the larger framework of the author's complete work (Literary Context), as well as the function of this passage in the promoting the redemption of God's people (Redemptive Context). This course seeks to equip students with the requisite tools to do the 'detective' work accurately.

All sermons, Bible Talks, devotional messages, discipleship times, and other lessons should begin with exegesis.

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How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth by Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart. The entire book.

Christ Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell. Read Parts 1 and 3. 

Building Your Bible Study Library

Recommended Resources for 

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. This five volume set is the place to go if you want background on a certain book of the Bible, insight into ancient customs and manners, or clarification of names, places, countries, authors, circumstances, etc. Fantastic resource.

The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. Are you tired of looking up a word in the Greek only find a two or three word definition that tells you little more than you already assumed. Do you want to know how preachers gain such insight into the original language? This is the place. The "TDNT" is a 10 volume set, but you would do well to find a 1 volume abridgment as it will contain all the more important terms for which you are looking. 

New Daily Study Bible. This complete set of commentaries from William Barclay is both insightful and fun to read. His insights into first century customs, occupations, geography, and thinking should prove more useful than the offerings of one volume commentaries. While Barclay does not always cite his sources, this 17 volume set is both practical and affordable. 

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. An incredible 1-volume Bible reference library, The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is a unique resource for Bible study, teaching, or preaching. Dozens of special study aids help you develop powerful lessons or sermons - straight from the Bible itself! No other tool better helps you interpret Scripture with Scripture. Unlike any tool you've ever seen - loaded with helps not available anywhere else.