MTA for Church Interns on Biblical Interpretation and Holy Spirit/Spirit Worldview

MTA for Church Interns on Biblical Interpretation and Holy Spirit/Spirit Worldview

In recent years have been exploring some new teaching approaches and  content delivery that allowed for more of a "distance learning” model. As we have continued to evaluate our effectiveness we still see an increased need to help students “finish the coursework” and/or “graduate”. After some consideration and discussion we have decided that the best direction is to return to one of our earlier teaching formats. 

In 2019 and 2020, the Academy will offer two week-long sessions each year. 

Each session will contain two modules or topics. Any “examination” or assessment will take place at the end of each session. 

There will  be classroom teaching and discussion/workgroups Monday a.m. through Thursday at noon and an examination or written component on Friday morning of the same week. Each participate will therefore complete two modules in a single instance. 

We believe this allows for greater assimilation of information, a more intensive experience of fellowship with other students, and a higher level of engagement with the teaching staff. We are excited to return to our roots in 2019 and appreciate your support.

What does this mean in terms of reading and preparation?

Much of  the preparation and reading will need to be done in advance. We anticipate some study time in each week-long format, but not enough that pre-work can be avoided. 

How does this impact those who can take the classes?

This format assumes that students have the flexibility to attend the week-long format two times per year or that they are able to take time away from work or school to do so. We understand that this impacts the population of eligible students. This is somewhat intentional. We have endeavored to choose dates that will allow for college-age interns or students to attend without disruption in their academic calendar. 

To accommodate the ’non traditional' students, non-staff, tentmakers or other interested individuals we will host two separate weekend sessions in 2019. The content for these would be more of the Meat Eaters variety and be geared at training and developing small group leadership, elders, deacons and Caleb Corp populations for our churches. These sessions would also be open to any traditional students who chose to attend. 

We have selected the two week-long sessions for 2019. The dates for those are:

  • May 20-24 in the DMV regional area, most likely Montgomery County MD. The content will be NT Survey with an emphasis on worldview and cultural sensitivities of the early audience of scripture and Church History with an emphasis on critical “turning points”.

  • December 2-7 in the midwest, likely Cincinnati or Columbus OH.   The content for this session will be NT Interpretation and The Holy Spirit/Supernatural worldview.