Teacher: Dr. G. Steve Kinnard

Class Aims:

1.  To explore and understand the process of spiritual formation.

2.  To investigate the classic spiritual disciplines which aid in spiritual formation.


1. Before the class begins, read one of the following books:

Demarest, Bruce.  Satisfy Your Soul. 

Foster, Richard.  Celebration of Discipline.

Various Authors.  The Kingdom Life:  A Practical Theology of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation.

Willard, Dallas.  The Spirit of the Disciplines.


If you have questions, please contact Steve Kinnard at stevekinnard@mac.com

Supplemental reading:

Kinnard, G. Steve.  The Way of the Heart. Volumes 1 & 2. 

_______.  Like a Tree Planted by Streams of Water. 


Class Outline: 

Lesson One:  Introductory Material.  What is Spiritual Formation?

Lesson Two:  Introduction to Spiritual Formation, cont.

Lesson Three:  Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines

Lesson Four:  The Purpose of the Spiritual Disciplines

Lesson Five: The Spiritual Disciplines I

     Dependence:  Prayer

Lesson Six:  The Spiritual Disciplines II

     Dependence:  Fasting, Meditation

Lesson Seven:  The Spiritual Disciplines III

     Dependence: Bible Study

Lesson Eight:  The Spiritual Disciplines IV

     Dependence:  Worship

Lesson Nine:  The Spiritual Disciplines V

     Dependence:  Surrender, Repentance

Lesson Ten:  The Spiritual Disciplines VI

     Interdependence:  The One Another Way

Lesson Eleven:  The Spiritual Disciplines VII

     Interdependence:  Evangelism, Simplicity

Lesson Twelve:  The Spiritual Disciplines VIII

     Interdependence:  Service, Sanctifying the Ordinary


The Spiritual Disciplines:

—Part One:  Learning Dependence on God.

—1.  Prayer. 

—2.  Fasting. 

—3.  Meditation: Silence. Solitude. Reflection.  Memorization. 

—4. Bible Study: Journaling. Memorization.

—5.  Worship: Celebration. 

—6.  Surrender:  Trust.  Submission.  Obedience.  Guidance. 

—7.  Repentance:  Confession.

—Part Two:  Learning Interdependence with Others.

—8.  The One Another Way:  Fellowship.  Mentoring/Discipling.  Confession.

—9.  Evangelism:  Missions.

—10. Simplicity:  Frugality.

—11.  Service:  Sacrifice.  The Servant Heart.  Secrecy. 

—12. Sanctifying the Ordinary:  24-7 Discipleship. Living An Everyday, Ordinary Life for God.