What?  A two-year primarily online-based program designed to train and equip young ministers to build the Kingdom of God both domestically and internationally. 

Why?  There are currently 43 million people in the ACR states and 4700 disciples in those states. There are also currently 1.7 Billion people in the South Asian Region (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) with 5980 disciples. There is a ton of work to do! The CSM exists to send workers into those harvest fields. 

Who?  Motivated disciples from any ministry (Campus, Teens, Singles, etc) who want to build the Kingdom and are willing to put in the time and energy to learn. Classes will be taught by Commonwealth Academy Instructors including Ed Anton, Gabe Santos, and Brett Miller. 

When?  The CSM program will begin January 19, 2017. Classes will be held both online and in person every three weeks in two semesters per year (January-May and Aug-Dec). 

How?  Classes will primarily conducted through an online Learning Management Software, Canvas. Assignments, readings, and exams will be conducted online. Lectures will be held online through an interactive teleconferencing system, allowing full class engagement with course instructors.

Time? The online classes will last for two and half hours every three weeks, most weeks that will be Thursdays mornings from 8am-10:30am. There will also be one and a half hours of course pre-work for each session. Before you panic, that’s only eight hours a month, really not that bad. 

How Much? The CSM tuition is $25/month, that’s $100/semester, or $200/year.