Holy Land Tour 2015

During November 2015, a group of 90 brothers and sisters embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage throughout the lands of Galilee and Judea in Israel. Many of the biblical lessons taught in the midst of biblical sites are captured in video below:


The adopted hometown of Jesus where He taught, preached, and healed many. 


The town where Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.


A people and place of compromised convictions

Damascus Road

A view from above (from the Golan Heights) as we survey the very road where Jesus opened Paul's eyes


The site where God opened the door of the kingdom to the gentiles via Cornelius and Peter

Mount of Olives

The place of Triumph - triumphal prayer in the Garden, triumphal entry on Palm Sunday, triumphal ascension into heaven, and triumphal return at His second coming.

Temple Southern Steps

The very site where Peter preached to the masses in Acts 2 — and the spot where the Spirit came upon the preachers at Pentecost — and the spot where 3,000 were baptized. (PS "It's 9 o'clock somewhere!")

Jezreel Valley Women's Lesson

Sermon on the Mount

Mandela and Galilee