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TentMakers equips the “working staff” (e.g. Aquila & Priscilla) for ministry roles and responsibilities via:

  • MTA teaching curriculum of twelve core classes completed over a 36 month schedule (We are coordinating all course curricula with the International Churches of Christ MTA program. You can find out more about the core curriculum of MTA HERE)

  • Direct discipleship and leadership from church staff

In order to equip disciples to:

  • Effectively lead a church, region or ministry

  • Preach and teach effectively

  • Balance life’s priorities within a context that effectively pleases and serves God

  • Show competency in Evangelism, Discipling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Church Building, Church History, Apologetics, NT & OT Surveys, Biblical Exegesis, Expository Preaching, Ecclesiology, Soteriology, Biblical Counseling, and World Religions

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Core MTP Classes (* Denotes Classes available via Anchor academy):

I.  Biblical Knowledge.  Core Classes:  

(1) New Testament Survey*

This course is a survey of the history, literature, and content of the New Testament, with an emphasis on historical background, geography, and culture of New Testament times.  The course also looks at the major theological themes of each NT book and God's plan of redemption throughout the NT.   

(2) Old Testament Survey*

This course is a survey of the entire Old Testament in the context of its history, geography, and culture.  The course also looks at the major theological themes of each OT book and God's plan of redemption throughout the OT.   

(3) Biblical Exegesis I - Principles of Exegesis*

This course will acquaint students with the basic principles and practices of biblical exegesis, learning how to use critical resource tools, and moving from biblical text to life application. 

(4) Biblical Exegesis II - Application*

This course offers the student the opportunity to use the tools learned in Biblical Exegesis I by exploring a book of the Bible in a verse-by-verse exegetical manner. 

(5) Church History and Doctrine*

This class traces the history of the Christian Church from 70 ad to the modern age with special attention given to turning points that affect Christian doctrines and church polity. 

(6) Christ and Culture*

The world is rife with varying worldviews, philosophies, religions, and denominations. How do we discern between truth and error? How do we answer questions raised by these different types of thinking? How do we help others navigate these treacherous waters? Christ is the answer. 

II.  Spiritual Development.  Core Classes:

(7) Spiritual Disciplines and Character Development*

In order to effectively lead others, we must first be in vital communion with God. This class will teach us how to powerfully walk with the Lord in prayer, meditation, personal Bible study, and other vital spiritual disciplines.  The course will also focus on how God transforms us and produces his character in us as we faithfully walk with him.     

(8) Marriage and Family*

As leaders, our relationships with our spouses and children form the foundation upon which we stand. In this class we will learn how to build families that reflect the highest examples of godliness, love, and spirituality. 

III.  Ministry Leadership.  Core Classes:

(9) Biblical Preaching and Teaching*

This class teaches the student how to develop powerful and practical sermons and classes from the biblical text based upon proven exegetical principles. 

(10) The Power of Discipleship/Principles of Biblical Counseling*

The student will learn the importance of healthy, biblical discipling relationships. The class focuses on both the practical aspects of being discipled as well as how to disciple others. This course illuminates the power of the Bible to help people grow, mature, and change.   It focuses on how we may help people, by applying Scriptural principles to overcome obstacles and barriers to their ongoing maturity in Christ. 

(11) The Making of a Disciple*

This class is an in depth exploration how to study the Bible with people.  This class goes well beyond the basics of First Principles.

(12) Ministry Leadership and Church Building*

This class focuses on the practical aspects of leading a dynamic and effective ministry. It will include Biblical teaching about the structure and function of the church, team-building principles, biblical roles, church discipline, and best practices of men and women working together in the ministry. 

IV. Additional Elective Classes

(13) Classic Skills for the Minister*

Logic, Argumentation, Rhetoric, Mnemonics, and Grammar