It is the enemy from within rather than the adversary from without that challenges us most. Therefore we must not only know God and His word, we must also know ourselves – including our weaknesses and flaws - so that we may live lives of purity and righteousness – from the inside out. 

The Required Reading:

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Class Materials

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Purity Topics (find more resources for this class in eMANcipators)

Paenitentia can only offer a temporary abatement of chronic sin by attaching pain to a behavior you hope to extinguish. This associative conditioning fails as soon as the pain inevitably fades (Colossians 2:20-3:10). It's time to break the enslaving cycle of sin and celebrate freedom! This is a practical class (with practical workbooks that participants complete while in class) with value for both sexual purity and overcoming any chronic sin.

  • Discern Desires
    • Long term vs short term fulfillment of God given desires and drives
    • Short term corruptions of long term desires
    • Short term solutions leading to long term fulfillment
  • Recalibrate Righteousness
    • The Before and After picture of spiritual regeneration
    • Striving for nothing less than biblical righteousness
    • "Getting" Grace
  • Expose Excuses
    • Chronic sin requires BOTH an appealing stimulus (e.g. forbidden fruit) and a loophole to disobey our covenant with Jesus (see Genesis 3 and Matthew 4)
    • Identifying excuses that open the door to chronic sin
    • Destroying "valid" excuses via Scripture
  • Terminate Temptation
    • Opportune times leveraged by Satan for temptation
    • Triggers
    • Rituals
    • Entitlements
  • Proactively Pray
    • Biblical models for prayer in the face of temptation
    • "Watch" and pray

    Integrity Topics

    • A Study from the Book of Daniel
    • Life
      • Time
      • Money
      • Media
      • Relationships
    • Doctrine
      • Problems with interpretation
      • The pressure of Post Modernism
      • Safeguarding the truth
    • Speech
      • Identifying Fears that promote Lies
      • Loving the Truth
      • Hating Embellishment
    • Ministry
      • Hypocrisy and compromise
      • Stats and rolls
      • Leading by example