Brett Kreider became a disciple on July 7, 1982 and moved to Boston to study Electrical Engineering at MIT. While at MIT, Brett was discipled by Steve Adkins, Jim Blough, Henry Kriete, Frank Kim, and Russ Ewell as he worked in both the Youth and Campus ministries. He became a Ministry Intern in 1984, entered the full-time ministry after graduation, and was appointed evangelist in the Boston Church of Christ December 12, 1988. Soon after, Brett realized that his calling was not the full-time ministry and he joined the Washington, DC mission team in June 1990 (1 year after it was planted). Brett returned to the University of Maryland to get a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. During that time, Brett met, dated, and married Beth Ersek, a disciple converted in the New York Church's Daytime Ministry and who had served in the full-time ministry in the Philadelphia Church of Christ.

Brett began a consulting career with MITRE and Booz Allen before being asked to serve as an Administrator under Jim Blough for the British Commonwealth World Sector, a missionary society formed to support church plantings in the UK, Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Eastern US.  Brett and Beth served under Doug and Vicki Jacoby helping to support the Teaching Ministry and graduating from the Ministry Training Program (MTP) in 1998. Brett helped organize and participated in many of Jacoby's Biblical Study Tours including trips to Israel, UK, Washington DC, Greece, and Turkey.

The Kreiders helped to build the ministry in Montgomery County, MD for 11 years before moving in 2002 to Northern Virginia. After 2003, Brett returned to consulting for the Federal Government, helping to manage projects that built the computer networks for the Transportation Security Administration. Brett continued his career focused on Project Management and Cybersecurity, helping the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stand up the Disaster Assistance portal ( For the past 5 years, Brett has worked for MITRE (a not-for-profit research company that helps the government implement best practices) helping the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to protect systems that include the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

Brett was appointed as a Deacon in the Northern Virginia Church of Christ (NVCOC), serving as the Chapter Representative for HOPE worldwide since 2009. In 2014, the NVCOC elders appointed Brett as a Teacher. Brett's recent teaching series have focused on Biblical Interpretation, The Minor Prophets, and Financial Discipleship. The Kreiders' three children are disciples: Logan (Virginia Tech), Noah (York University), and Elena (South Lakes High School).

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