As we study the Lord's prayer in Luke 11, we see Jesus praising God. It's embarrassing to say, but I find this to be one of the more difficult aspects of my prayer life. Thanks flow well; confessions are clear; supplications are often boundless; but praise escapes me. Here's a pattern that my wife Deb shared with me that helps:

A.     Awesome, Advocate, Amazing, Author, Avenger, Abba

B.     Brilliant, Benevolent, Bountiful, Beautiful, Bold, Bruised, Boundless

C.     Creator, Comforter, Conqueror, Compassionate, Caring, Consuming Fire, Cornerstone, Courageous, Constant

D.     Daddy, Delightful, Deliverer, Dignified, Discerning, Divine, Dominion, Destroyer

E.     El Shaddai, Emmanuel, Eternal, Example, Extraordinary, Exalted, Excellent

F.     Father, Faithful, Forgiving, Friend, Fearsome, First, Forever

G.     Good Shepherd, Glorious, Generous, Gentle, Gatherer

H.     Holy Holy Holy, Helper, Healer, Humble, Honest

I.     Immeasurable, Immortal, Immutable, Immoveable, Invincible, Involved, Instructor, Imminent, I Am

J.     Joyful, Just, Justifier, Jealous, Jehovah Jirah, Judge

K.     King, Kind, Knowable

L.     Loving, Limitless, Listener, Long suffering, Lovely, Lamb, Lamp, Life, Lord

M.    Meek, Merciful, Messiah, Magnificent, Martyr, Mighty, Miracle Maker, Master

N.    Now, Near, Never ending, Noble, Nurturer

O.    Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent, Only God, One

P.     Patient, Peacemaker, Perfect, Praiseworthy, Pure, Protector, Potter, Physician, Personal, Pleasing

Q.     Quintessential, Quickener    

R.     Ruler, Refuge, Rock, Radical, Real, Reliable, Rest, Refresher, Rescuer, Revered, Righteous

S.     Sacred, Savior, Sanctifier, Shield, Shelter, Shepherd, Spirit, Stronghold, Supernatural, Son, Sovereign

T.     Transcendent, Triumphant, Truth, Teacher, Trinity, Treasure

U.    Upright, Unblemished, Unique, Unlimited, Unforgettable

V.     Valiant, Vast, Vine, Vindicator, Victorious

W.     Wise, Wonderful, Word, Way, Warrior, Witness, Wounded, Worthy

X.     X ray vision

Y.     Yahweh, Yoked with us, Yearning, Yes

Z.     Zealous